About Us

Do you believe in Divine Intervention? I do. I think God guides us towards things and we have to make decisions about whether we’ll take his nudging or go our chosen way. For example, I never planned to be a quilt shop owner. In March of 2000, I was looking for a place to rent in Hennessey for an office for the OKC Winter Quilt Show. The plan was to make it a “come and go” office with no set hours. I went into the fabric shop that had been in Hennessey for 25 years to tell the owner I was not going to be a competitor but just have an office for the show. Her response was that she was going to turn 80 soon and didn’t know how to get out of the shop, so why don’t I buy her out? The lady didn’t carry many cottons and didn’t even carry rotary blades! She didn’t like quilting so didn’t invest in the supplies for it. Yes, there was even double knit in the mix of fabric!

After thinking about it I decided to buy the shop. My husband and I thought there would not be much business, we thought once in awhile someone would come in to buy a yard of fabric. At that time I decided to get a few bolts of cottons in and start getting rid of the old fabric I had just bought. Business was slow at first, so I was able to concentrate on producing the show. As the months progressed, business started picking up. A few of the local ladies came in and said, "If you’re going to have a quilt shop you might want to hang some quilts up!" They came over, and the three of us made the first Prairie Quilt sample. I still have it and cherish it dearly.

The business slowly grew; people kept coming. We opened up the four rooms of the downstairs, one room at a time as needed. In 2008, we renovated the upstairs as a large classroom. There was no plan to have a large quilt shop in the middle of the prairie. It just evolved. I thank my customers for their support so we could make it a fun place to sew, sew, sew. I thank God for nudging me into this job – I love it!

My team, my community, my family and my dedication to sharing my passion for sewing with others all drive me to excel in this business. My team excels at sharing their love of sewing with every person that walks in our door. They treat each and every customer as a friend. I consider it a privilege to work with them daily, and I am devoted to continuing their educations in the sewing industry. My community needs businesses that are committed to thriving and to giving back. We support local new sources, schools, and families as we continue to thrive within the community. My family encourages me to give my best every day to this job that I love; I simply could not do it without them. Last but not least, my passion for sharing the beautiful art of sewing motivates me daily. Whether I'm watching one of my experienced team members improve a skill or I'm teaching a class full of new sewists, my heart is full when I know others are learning to express their creativity through sewing. 

Our buildings are over 100 years old and are located in the heart of the historic downtown in Hennessey, Oklahoma. Our main building is two full stories of nonstop sewing, embroidering, quilting fun! We keep all of the latest items and fabrics in stock and are constantly offering classes and retreats in the main building and in our state-of-the-art Creativity Center. Our Creativity Center is one of a kind and boasts a full kitchen where we often serve fresh home-cooked meals for our guests. 

In spite of being a small town in the middle of the prairie, Hennessey has much to offer. With a nice, clean hotel only .4 miles away from the shop, our guest always have a comfortable place to stay. Plus, our historic downtown is home to several fantastic restaurants and even a winery all within walking distance from our shop. 

My husband and I wanted to settle in a small town so that we could enjoy the charm and friendliness of the people while getting a proper taste of country living. It's now almost 20 years later, and we couldn't be happier with our decision! With the loving, accepting, and supportive community members we have grown to love, Hennessey really is the perfect little town on the prairie.  

We are the largest quilt shop in Oklahoma! The latest items in quilting always fill both our upstairs and downstairs, and the latest techniques are always being taught in at least one of our unique classroom setups. If you want to learn what's new in the industry, Prairie Quilt is a one-stop shop for all things quilting!

Our team is highly diverse. We employee men and women from as young as age 16 to as experienced as age 83. Our team consists of former nurses & accountants, current high school students, bilingual Spanish speakers, and so many others from varied backgrounds. Our team members are all unique, but they all share a love of sewing. Perhaps more importantly, they all share a desire to teach others about sewing. Not everyone who works at Prairie Quilt starts out as a sewist, but after a short while, she/he falls in love and becomes an advocate for this excellent creative outlet. 

We have always have around 25-30 team members, and our team works together to create many of our Prairie Quilt Exclusive patterns and items. 

We teach all types of classes at Prairie Quilt. From beginner's sewing classes and children's classes to complex paper piecing and machine embroidery classes, we offer it all! We also take suggestions based on our customers' desires. If we have customers requesting a class, we are almost always able to offer it. We offer classes seven days a week, including weekend and evening classes! 

We are dedicated to helping others fulfill their need for creativity through sewing. Our commitment to this cause, has led us to constantly develop fun and exciting new classes and events to educate ALL ages in the art of sewing.